Cute cairn terrier puppies for sale




Cairn Terriers are beutiful dogs with happy attitudes and a loving nature. Once they get to know you you will have a forever friend! As puppies these cute creatures are pretty hyper. So if you are looking for a dog who the kids can run with this is your type of dog! Cairn Terriers are great with kids they don't shed and like to cuddle. Female puppies like to relax and cuddle more and males like to play and run matter what gender of puppy or dog you choose they will love you forever.Cairn puppies are stubborn in traing so have patience with them. Cairns need to be feed one time a day occationally two because i've learned from experience they will get fat if you give them more. They must be walked 2-3 times a week and need to be bathed once a week. Cairns also should be brushed once a week too or they will get matted fur. Did you know that dogs need their teeth brushed so do tthat every 1-2 months. All dogs need love so make sure you give them lots of it! Play with them too Cairns love to play with toys and people! Here are the things you must have for your Cairn Terrier puppy:   Collar with ID tag, leash, food, food and water bowl, dog brush dog, shampoo, conditioner, (optional) treats to train with toy to play with, cage, tooth brush, tooth paste, and a dog bed. As Cairns get older they get less and less hyper and playful so don't think they are sick when they are older and tired. Cairn terriers are one of the oldest dog breeds. They originate from The Scottish Highlands and are a cousin of the Scottish Terrier. They were used to hunt small things such as rats, govers, rabbits birds etc. The Cairn Terrier was origanaly brought to The United Kingdom as sky terriers in 1909.          Wierd Fact: Cairns are usualy left pawed.

Give your Cairn Terrier puppy lots of love and it will love you more.



"Cairns are the best puppies in the world."

-- Me!, US